Our mission is to administer to the educational and health needs of the Christian children in Pakistan. Historically Christians in Pakistan are those who have been converted from Hinduism and are typically from the low caste (Untouchables). They are considered the lowest of the low and because of the circumstances they are usually illiterate, ignorant and uneducated, marked by poverty and slavery. After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 Christians became subservient to the Muslims who ended up owning the land and rule the Country.

Since 1970, islamization of Pakistan began in all facets of life, especially school/college syllabus changed drastically. Islamic teaching was inculcated in all the books starting with grade 1 to college and medical training level. In the national syllabus where all the prophets and heads of the world religions have been mentioned, Jesus Christ has been intentionally ignored and left out discriminating all the Christians. In the 1980’s the British law “295”, that was designed to protect the regions religions, their leaders, places and books was changed into the “Blasphemy” law that would persecute anyone who says anything against the prophet Mohammad, the Koran, and any article of Islam. This made it easy to persecute and execute Christians without trial. Hundreds of Christians have been killed and many are currently incarcerated, never to be set free. So you see, the situation of Christians in Pakistan is dire and they are in urgent need of help.

During my ministry in Pakistan the Christians of my different parishes often asked me, are there Christians in other parts of the world who are free and doing better? Are they our brothers and sisters in Christ? Will they help us? I used to console them and give them hope that one day our brothers and sisters would hear our cry and respond. I believe now is the time, and I am reaching out to you on their behalf. Will you join me in this program of hope to empower them, to set them free of ignorance, poverty and slavery?

We call this program: The “Missionaries of Hope” for God’s forgotten children. We have organized into four teams in Pakistan: those who are teaching, training and supervising, those who are planning, constructing and keeping the finances, and those on the Board of Directors. In the United States, there is a Board of Directors who is overseeing the entire project. The volunteers in the U.S. who have agreed to be on the board will lend their advice and financial support to the project. The Board of Directors in Pakistan will have monthly meetings and will send us a report of the progress and the needs of the children. As for our progress, we have purchased an old house for $16,000 in the town of Bhaiperu. It has been renovated and is ready for primary school. We have purchased another house in Pajian for $17,000 and is being renovated. At the moment we are educating fifty children in the village of Bhaiperu and fifty-five in the village of Pajian. Our future plans are to build a head office in Lahore, a middle and high school, a boarding house and health center in that region.

Your support for God’s forgotten children will be a reflection of your love and your living Christian faith. You will be responding to the cry of the poor and needy. Any contribution towards this project will be for building of their faith and lives and for creating peace and harmony in Pakistan.